Month: September 2010

Everything’s Sticky

‘Cause it’s all covered in varnish.

I finished painting some frames tonight, then varnished a bunch of stuff. Am varnishing 3 more things, then I need to put hangers in.

I hope I can remember to bring my camera Friday night to document my second art “thing” and my first art “booth.” There are lots of little details I hadn’t imagined.

Here is one of the girls I varnished:

Copyright 2009 Elaina Gibbs.

Now I have to go to bed because I must be up super early for you-know-what.

Happy Monday night, everybody.


Last Night Was Sketchy

Did some doodling/painting/etc. last night.

Mostly I worked on drawing the human heart in different scenarios. But I also started 4 new paintings yesterday- 3 of which were sketched on wood eons ago, one of which will be a piece with a black gesso base.

I have to get busy b/c this Friday I will be doing the First Friday Art Bizarre Happy Hour thing at Austin’s coffee house (Fairbanks & Denning, you can get there on the 102.) I should have a decent number of things, a few new and a few older.

Cross your fingers, if you’re lucky and I get my shit together there might be prints.

Creeping along…

Not much of an art blog without art pictures. Well, then.

There’s a picture.

There are many things in the works right now. I have a little art “thing” happening in one week. I will post about that again closer to when it happens.

Here’s another picture, this one more “true to the spirit (pukes)” of the blog. I reckon.

Sold- Also currently hanging in Gallery Q @ Orlando's GLBTCC

I am so unrelentlessly glad that the week is over and now I can do some stuff besides the normal slavery of everyday life. Yacht Rock party tomorry night. It’s ON.

Happy very early Saturday morning.

Nude Erections

Hello everyone. This is going to be my new art blog.

I have tried lots of blogs but I want one where I just show/talk about my art and maybe the art of other people that I also like. I probably won’t be talking too much about politics, etc. here because that’s not what I want to do with the space.


Happy Tuesday night everybody. 🙂