Some Paintings, Nancy Spungen, and Other Stuff (Like Chili-Fries)

So the art thing that was supposed to happen Friday night? It didn’t.

Problems, they arise sometimes and it sucks but you keep on moving. Anyway.

I now have a bunch of stuff that is all ready to go, and I have some new stuff to put up here- some of which is (finally) finished and some of which just came home after hanging up at Gallery Q for a month.

Here’s one of the paintings I finally finished! this past week:

Copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of painting these girls. At least I hope not. I love them so much. I like to think of them as my vision of my Appalachian ancestors, if they had been able to spend all their time doing what they wanted to do. They live in green hills and technicolor skies among big, black crooked trees.  And they just do whatever they feel like doing. I’ve got three more of them I’m working on.

This here’s one of my portraits. I get so many people saying that they think this is Courtney Love. But it’s actually Nancy Spungen, who some would say was like the “original” Courtney Love.  She was 20 years old when she was murdered. Some folks think that Sid Vicious did it, others don’t. He died just 4 months after she did. (And also I’m pretty sure that Courtney Love was in the running to play Nancy in “Sid and Nancy” and ended up not getting the part of Nancy but being in the move anyway.) This portrait is based on a photograph that is on the cover of her biography, “And I Don’t Want to Live this Life,” written by her mother Deborah Spungen.

Copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs

I read this book as a youngster and it left a lasting impression on me. Also I recently sat through two hours of a movie called “Who Killed Nancy,” that really should have been called, “Hey! Sid Didn’t Do It and She Deserved it Anyways.”

She is the first completed in a series of portraits of female roustabouts and artistic hooligan/outcast types. She spent the previous month hanging out at the previously-mentioned Gallery Q, alongside my Banjo Girl.  (Tomorrow Banjo Girl will be travelling to CA to live in her new forever home with an awesome lady. :D) Both paintings came home today, as the show ended 2 days ago.

Also, tonight  I had my favorite thing ever for supper: fries with chili on top of them. (Vegan chili. O yes.)

So tomorrow ’tis back to the grindstone for another week. Happy Sunday night everybody.


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