I am a Gal from the South.

I spent the first 26 years of my life in East Tennessee. I grew up looking at the Smoky Mountains every day. You can’t walk away from an experience like that without some kind of Appalachian haint etching her tune in your brain.

I really love art that encompasses that kinda Flannery O’Connor/the-great-depression-never-really-ended/jangly/sweaty feel of the southeastern U.S. I like that it shows its beauty off without really glorifying or glamorizing it.

Tonight I’ve been looking at art by Colonel J.D. Wilkes (a.k.a that skinny sumbitch who guzzles red bull and yanks out his red pubes and tosses ’em at you at Shack Shakers shows.) I think his stuff really appeals to me so much because it does just that- reminds me of heat and giant mosquitos and kudzu growing over rusty cars.

Check it out:

Here’s one of his drawings. They’re amazing. They make me feel like I should go take a art class or somethin’.

And here’s one of those sideshow banner things he paints. This one’s my favorite ’cause I like the plants in it and also ’cause Shakerag Holler is probably my favorite out of their songs.

I missed them in Orlando (lame, I know. But I take this whole “living under a rock” thing pretty seriously.) Ah, well.
Happy Monday night, critters.


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