Howdy. It’s Wednesday night here at the hacienda.

I cooked tonight. I feel like I need to do some creative cooking; I haven’t in a while. Also didn’t sketch or doodle or paint anything today. I don’t do it every day, tho I know I feel/sleep better when I do.

I can’t wait till I’m at a place in my life where I DON’T have to choose between art in the kitchen and art on canvas.

I’m working on a painting with a big heart in it. There’s other stuff in it too, but the heart is kinda the focal point. As it should be, I reckon.

Willowing is doing a free art course on Ning.com . I think that’ s pretty cool. Here’s video:

I signed up for it. 🙂

It’s gettin’ on 11:00PM. I guess I better turn in. Hope everyone has a good night and sleeps well.


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