Announcing: Sketchy Sundays

Today’s been lazy/hermit-like, as are most Sundays here at the ranch. I was thinking that this should be a good day to regularly update ye olde blawg. I don’t have any finished work to post, nor any IP stuff that’s suitable; but then I started looking at one of my sketchbooks and cracking myself up. I thought “aha! The perfect, lazy solution.”

So the goal is that every Sunday I will post something different from my sketchbooks- random sketches that don’t serve any other purpose aside from the exercise of sketching them. I love looking at photos from other artists’ sketchbooks. So what the hell, right? And I have sketchbook stuff that is years old. So it’s like a total grab-bag deal. You never know what you’re gonna get. W00t.

To commence:

1. Mullet Guy


copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs


2. Chick with Tom Waits lyrics


copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs- Lyrics Quoted are from "Train Song" and "Cemetery Polka" By Tom Waits


3. Yeah. Sometimes I look at this stuff and wonder what I was thinking. But there’s  another Tom Waits reference (if you can’t tell I’m a pretty big fan.)


Copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs


I have been enjoying being on the network and talking with the folks on there about art and etc’s. I have been doing “art journal” stuff but it just isn’t appropriate for posting just anywhere and I don’t know the ins and outs of doing an “adult art” blog, if that makes sense. I’ve been struggling with whether I should just say “fuck it” and post whatever I feel like posting here. But to me there’s enough of a mental dividing line with my more “adult” stuff that I just don’t feel like it belongs here.

I could use some help from other folks on that one. Any input? I’m put off by the porno world, but I do make art that is considered “erotic” or whatever. I don’t know yet if I have an interest in selling it or profiting off of it. But I would like to share it with folks in a setting that wasn’t skeezy or whatever. Is there a place for that already, somewhere out in the internet-ether???? Please to tell.

Oh well. Happy Sunday evening, folks. Talk to you soon!


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