Sketchy Sunday- Studies?

Hiya everyone.

Hope life is grand. I have had a hurt sweety and spent lotsa time last night being a helper. She is better now, which is awesome.

Tonight’s “Sketchy Sunday” is about studies, I guess, because that’s what I got. I don’t do studies too much, I tend to do a sketch right on whatever I’m painting and that’s kinda the “study.” But lately I’ve been trying to do more of the quick-sketch study type stuff (though not trying too awful hard, I gotta say…anyways).

First: my little sketch study I did before I painted Banjo Girl.

copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs

And then here’s a couple of little quick-studies of Patsy Cline and this one pic of Patti Smith by Mapplethorpe. I want these to be turned into paintings, for this series of “tragic women” paintings that I want to do.

copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs

So I will most likely be updating again tomorrow. Not much news but I want to add some more links, etc. That’s all for now.

Happy Sunday Night đŸ™‚ !


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