Month: January 2011

Doodles on a Sketchy Sunday Night (Caution- Partial Penis Action)

Things have been pretty laid-back since my last post, though I have finished sketching and inking that project I mentioned…. if I mentioned it… whatevs. Painting starts tomorrow! I haven’t pulled out the paints in a while, sadly. I think it will be a very good stress-reliever.

So on to the art, right?  Well… I just edited some doodly-photos today. I find making these doodlies (I have heard them called zendalas, as well) to be kind of therapeutic, a little way when I don’t have a kick-in-the-pants of inspiration, but more of a slight-nudge-to-the-shoulder of it, to keep me drawing, etc.

copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

I reckon it is a bit inappropriate to go around telling everyone “happy Sketchy Sunday” without adding a few little sketches in, so.

I love to just draw and sketch with no real “plan,” sometimes really silly but neat looking stuff comes out of it.

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Sometimes I just sketch around when I have heavy shit on my mind (not that entropy ain’t heavy, but…)

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Now I am off to edit some more sketchy-photos that will most likely be posted tomorrow sometime… of course, we DO know that could actually mean that they don’t get posted for 3 weeks… but hey. I like to keep everyone on their toes. 😉

Happy Sunday Night to all. Hey do me a favor, will you, and snuggle up close with your loves out there. I am on this mental kick where I want to encourage love and kindness where I can. That’s my suggestion for the night. (And also, please pardon the awkwardness, it’s hard making the switch from misanthrope to enlightened faerie lass. 8-P)


I Quit My Job So I Can Do More Art.

Well folks, I did it. No plan in place. Just quit, left the building.  I took that job and I shoved it.

That said, here’s my latest art journal scribblin’s.

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

I am now off to clean the kitchen. Happy Thursday, everyone.

Art Journal Friday- On Saturday, Dammit

Very slowly creeping back towards painting… I think I have an idea for a painting which I will start tomorrow on a big piece of laminate pine. I think it’s funny (tho a little bit sad) that I will constantly bitch and moan about not having enough surfaces to work on; the reason this is funny/sad to me is that when I finally get an abundance of surface area (wood, canvas, paper, whatevs) I tend to seize up and not paint for weeks or months.

I am Elaina’s tortured artist. O the dramamine.  Chuck P., I need you to write my life story, fer sure.

At any rate, here’s what came out of the journal this past week.

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Happy Early Saturday Afternoon.


Oh, Look!- May Ann Licudine

I was hanging out, looking at Audrey Kawasaki’s blog when I happened upon the intarwebz home of May Ann Licudine.

Her art is so beautiful and small. And she also is this whiz at building stuff. She has a wonderful post on what it’s like to live with hearing and speech impairment.




Above is some album-cover art by Mall. Isn’t it breathtaking and grand! It makes me want to learn to draw buildings and elephants (and ferris wheels.)

I love it when  I find an artist who’s work hits my art-spot. 😀

Hope that everyone is having a great Monday night.

Art Journal Friday

So I realize that given my motivational ebbs and tides of late that I have mushed together the “sketchy sunday” and “art journal friday” themes as a cheat (at least the last time I posted, I kinda did that, anyway.)

Anyways, on with it.

copyright Elaina Gibbs 2011

I realize that she might look Asian. This was not on purpose. I kinda go stream-of-consciousness in my journal, and with just about anything. Sometimes it seems like if I come at things with too much of a “plan” they just won’t happen at all.

I have been diggin the red and white gel pens as well as the sharpie pen of late.

IN other news there might be some progress on an art sale…

More later. Hugz.

Ah, 2011. Nice to meet you.

It’s been over a month of not much art. Would love to post things, bright and shiny and new, multiple times weekly- but I’m pretty sure that as long as I’m a worker-drone this blog will be sporadic. I do think a good goal for the new year will be to update things more regularly- and to paint more often. Not that I’m into resolutions, mind you, especially not the sort focused on such a Westernphilic, heliocentric calendar.

So I have a couple of new things scanned- from the larger Moleskine journal- and thought, what a great way to start the new year, yes?

copyright Elaina Gibbs 2011
Finished this one just a little while ago.
This one is from last night.
copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs
Also, this evening, I have just discovered a wonderful blog, Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century. Really wonderful. Makes me wish I’d been born a bougie white lady back in the 30’s or whatever. Not really. But yes insanely jealous of people who get to live their lives for this stuff. *Sigh* One day.
Happy New Year.