Ah, 2011. Nice to meet you.

It’s been over a month of not much art. Would love to post things, bright and shiny and new, multiple times weekly- but I’m pretty sure that as long as I’m a worker-drone this blog will be sporadic. I do think a good goal for the new year will be to update things more regularly- and to paint more often. Not that I’m into resolutions, mind you, especially not the sort focused on such a Westernphilic, heliocentric calendar.

So I have a couple of new things scanned- from the larger Moleskine journal- and thought, what a great way to start the new year, yes?

copyright Elaina Gibbs 2011
Finished this one just a little while ago.
This one is from last night.
copyright 2010 Elaina Gibbs
Also, this evening, I have just discovered a wonderful blog, Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century. Really wonderful. Makes me wish I’d been born a bougie white lady back in the 30’s or whatever. Not really. But yes insanely jealous of people who get to live their lives for this stuff. *Sigh* One day.
Happy New Year.

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