Doodles on a Sketchy Sunday Night (Caution- Partial Penis Action)

Things have been pretty laid-back since my last post, though I have finished sketching and inking that project I mentioned…. if I mentioned it… whatevs. Painting starts tomorrow! I haven’t pulled out the paints in a while, sadly. I think it will be a very good stress-reliever.

So on to the art, right?  Well… I just edited some doodly-photos today. I find making these doodlies (I have heard them called zendalas, as well) to be kind of therapeutic, a little way when I don’t have a kick-in-the-pants of inspiration, but more of a slight-nudge-to-the-shoulder of it, to keep me drawing, etc.

copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

I reckon it is a bit inappropriate to go around telling everyone “happy Sketchy Sunday” without adding a few little sketches in, so.

I love to just draw and sketch with no real “plan,” sometimes really silly but neat looking stuff comes out of it.

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Sometimes I just sketch around when I have heavy shit on my mind (not that entropy ain’t heavy, but…)

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

Now I am off to edit some more sketchy-photos that will most likely be posted tomorrow sometime… of course, we DO know that could actually mean that they don’t get posted for 3 weeks… but hey. I like to keep everyone on their toes. 😉

Happy Sunday Night to all. Hey do me a favor, will you, and snuggle up close with your loves out there. I am on this mental kick where I want to encourage love and kindness where I can. That’s my suggestion for the night. (And also, please pardon the awkwardness, it’s hard making the switch from misanthrope to enlightened faerie lass. 8-P)


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