New Journal Entry, And also…

I have had a really rough couple of weeks. I am trying to quit smoking so that I can hopefully live longer. I also want more time to do art.

Unfortunately, I have been so stressed out b/c of the not smoking that working on painting has proven… tricky. I DO however have some new art journal scratches to share with you. 😀

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

This piece is one that I am thinking of transferring outright into a painting.

It has to do with expressions of love. I suppose that some would say that it’s fitting, being Valentine’s Day (well, technically it’s only still VD on the west coast, but still…) but I generally try to avoid capitalist holidays if possible, lol. My partner and I have been talking about the different kinds of loving that are out there, and I personally have been dealing with very intense issues related to jealousy and sexuality. I really love this piece in particular because I feel I did a really good job of pictorializing my emotions… it’s hard for me to do that at times in any clear sense. :: shrugs :: Usually the emotions are there, but they are much more abstract- as much as possible for representational art. I am a guarded person and so… and so it goes. 🙂

In other news…I am honestly able to say now that I will have my art officially for sale very soon! We have been working out some paypal glitches, but soon… yes, soon… :: rubs hands together maniacally:: I am planning to have an online storefront of some sort, but I am not yet sure exactly how that will cyber-materialize.  We begin the new journey tomorrow, and I am so excited about it. It has been a bit of a pipe dream for a while, and now it will become a reality.

That is all for tonight, my friends. Please tune in frequently… and I hope that a loving and awesome holiday was had by all who celebrate it. Also, Happy Early Tuesday Morning to ya!



  1. Suffering always leads to beautiful artwork. Keep up the smoking ban, my ex-roomie. Your body will thank you and your lifespan will improve. 🙂

  2. Also, a random thought. Thanks for introducing me to Kurt Vonnegut oh so long ago. I still love him.<3

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