I have had a really rough couple of weeks. I am trying to quit smoking so that I can hopefully live longer. I also want more time to do art.

Unfortunately, I have been so stressed out b/c of the not smoking that working on painting has proven… tricky. I DO however have some new art journal scratches to share with you. 😀

Copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

This piece is one that I am thinking of transferring outright into a painting.

It has to do with expressions of love. I suppose that some would say that it’s fitting, being Valentine’s Day (well, technically it’s only still VD on the west coast, but still…) but I generally try to avoid capitalist holidays if possible, lol. My partner and I have been talking about the different kinds of loving that are out there, and I personally have been dealing with very intense issues related to jealousy and sexuality. I really love this piece in particular because I feel I did a really good job of pictorializing my emotions… it’s hard for me to do that at times in any clear sense. :: shrugs :: Usually the emotions are there, but they are much more abstract- as much as possible for representational art. I am a guarded person and so… and so it goes. 🙂

In other news…I am honestly able to say now that I will have my art officially for sale very soon! We have been working out some paypal glitches, but soon… yes, soon… :: rubs hands together maniacally:: I am planning to have an online storefront of some sort, but I am not yet sure exactly how that will cyber-materialize.  We begin the new journey tomorrow, and I am so excited about it. It has been a bit of a pipe dream for a while, and now it will become a reality.

That is all for tonight, my friends. Please tune in frequently… and I hope that a loving and awesome holiday was had by all who celebrate it. Also, Happy Early Tuesday Morning to ya!