Month: July 2011

Checkin in again from Tally

Hi hi everyone. Decided to write today about some of the things that contribute to my non-productivity.

It’s not like I’m not drawing anything, or am never ever making art. Most of the stuff I have drawn has been too personal to really put out there and also I don’t have access to a working scanner, and am not that great at taking fotos of my work. I know, excuses excuses. But it’s all true.

I’m also still in the medication-adjustment phase. The stuff I’m taking to calm the mental heeby-jeebies makes me both antsy and tired at the same time. I’m trying to figure that out… I miss going on walks and I miss just doing stuff in general. I also have some cabin-fever going on but it’s hard to do anything about it, ’cause I have some issues with going out in public by myself.

I’m missing the art blogging very much and am trying to figure out a way to do it with no scanner and tiresome ants in my pants. Just wanted to post something to let folks know. I am still planning on a photoblog post about the lovely town of Tallahassee. It’s really a neato place.

Anyhoodle, much love to folks who are still reading and dropping in here.


More words. need more art.

Hey everyone. Just dropping in to say, again, that I haven’t completely disappeared. I’ve been adjusting to my new medications, which are kinda heavy-duty, and generally trying to figure out how to have art space in this very small space that me and my sweety are living in right now. It rains lots in FL during this time of year, so the ample room on the front porch is hard to utilize for art purposes. Also, the scanner on this here machine isn’t working. So double 😦 But I have found out that the lady who’s letting us stay with her in Tally has another scanner, somewhere.

I hope everyone is doing well… I can see that folks are still dropping in to check. Maybe next week I will do a photo-blog so I can gloat about how great Tallahassee is. Lots and lots of super-nice people, 2 cooperative groceries, a bike co-op, and a bakery co-op, and tons of vegan and vegan-friendly food establishments. It also reminds me a lot of my hometown (Maryville, TN) and so that’s a bonus too. Love y’all!

Art Blogging For the Mentally Ill

Hey everyone, I know it has been ages… I am in Tallahassee now (long story) and have been having some emotional/mental health issues. I’m doing the meds thing now, and I am hoping that stabilizing will help me produce more… I’ve really been a bit of a big ‘ol mess, but I like this town a lot (it’s wonderful! Come see me here!) and I’ve met wonderful people, so I think that things will finally be looking back up very soon.

I hope that folks won’t forget me! I’ve got scannage back and am hoping to start youtubing soon (but like I said, I’ve bats in my belfry and I ain’t promising anything, lol). I miss blogging regularly, it’s good for my soul. 🙂 Hope everyone is well and doing fine.