More words. need more art.

Hey everyone. Just dropping in to say, again, that I haven’t completely disappeared. I’ve been adjusting to my new medications, which are kinda heavy-duty, and generally trying to figure out how to have art space in this very small space that me and my sweety are living in right now. It rains lots in FL during this time of year, so the ample room on the front porch is hard to utilize for art purposes. Also, the scanner on this here machine isn’t working. So double 😦 But I have found out that the lady who’s letting us stay with her in Tally has another scanner, somewhere.

I hope everyone is doing well… I can see that folks are still dropping in to check. Maybe next week I will do a photo-blog so I can gloat about how great Tallahassee is. Lots and lots of super-nice people, 2 cooperative groceries, a bike co-op, and a bakery co-op, and tons of vegan and vegan-friendly food establishments. It also reminds me a lot of my hometown (Maryville, TN) and so that’s a bonus too. Love y’all!


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