Almost a Year Later… in Durham, NC

copyright 2012 Jerris Gibbs

copyright 2012 jerris gibbs


I honestly thought about scrapping this whole blog here and starting a new one or permanently going to tumblr or some other such ridiculousness and then I realized I could change all my settings here. Y’all might notice some differences- for example I’m using my first name now, and I’ve kinda changed my about me section and my email on here.  I’m slowly cleaning away the cobwebs, getting back into working order here.

The two pieces I’m showing off here are, of course, available- they are done on watercolor paper that’s been gessoed, collaged with bible pages, then painted over with acrylics, watercolor crayons, and scribbled on with ink and graphite.  I’ve been art journaling also, and recently did a portrait of a friend for her birthday which was done in this sort of style.

I’ve been in Durham for a couple of months now, looking for hourly work because poverty, trying to get back into a creative cycle, getting back into activism (also because poverty and also because fuck all this bullshit.)  The year’s gone by in a flash; I still kinda can’t believe I left TN again so soon.  I miss my mom and my sister and niece and nephew and even miss daily car rides with my brother on the way to work.  BUT I love this town and am gingerly putting down rootlets here.  More dispatches to come….



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