Full Moon Eve Art Sale is ON!

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Good morning lovelies! I hope you’ll take a look around the blog, find something you like, and click the “Buy Now” button!
Look to your left to find “Originals for Sale,” categorized conveniently for your perusal.  You can also look through the “Prints”- though here’s a tip: I can make just about any of my pieces into a print, so long as the piece is 8.5″x11″ or smaller.  Let me know if you have one in mind, I’m more than glad to accommodate.  The bigger prints are $15 and the smaller ones are $10. Thru the magic of paypal we CAN work this out.

Please note: I am using my secure merchant ID on paypal, because that account is connected to a different email address than the one listed on this site.  Please keep that in mind when ordering.

Keep an eye out throughout the day for new news popping up randomly.

Hope everyone is having a lovely late November full moon eve….


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