We Kinda Had the Week From Hell, But It’s Improving

Hello everyone!  I’m just gonna run down the last week or so for y’all who’ve been looking for updates here:

-Submitted a proposal to a gallery

-Got mad sick

-Got robbed

-Sweetheart/partner got a rabid flu

-Friends helped out so now we have loaner computers to work with

-Worked on some art and hid from the world

-Revamped my art space

Thus my absence this past week from blog life.  It’s really creepy to have your home broken into.  I’m sad about my computer and my sweety’s computer being gone (along with my roomie’s WII).  I’m mainly sad about the pictures and writings that we had that are lost.   But I’m literally creeped out.  The robbery happened between 4AM and 7AM and I haven’t really been able to sleep between those hours for the last few days.

I’m glad that I have a lot of images of my art uploaded to wordpress!  But I am going to have to do re-scanning of lots of things also.

This is the life of a lumpen-class artist.  Now’s a good time to click on the donation button if you’re able to do so!  Also be on the lookout for new announcements here very soon.

I also mentioned that I revamped my workspace… I’m pretty excited about it as now I have room to spread out and a comfy chair to sit in and good light for painting and drawing.  My goal is to begin a youtube art series…. in my cleanings I found my little tripod, I just need a camera to stick on it (all my cameras have died over the past 3 months.  It’s a story for another post, I tell you.) again, a good reason to donate, if you can.  There’s a lot I want to do with video that I can’t right now because of my technological shortcomings, heh.  Anyways, I’m gonna post here the donate button:

Back to life it is!


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