Art Giveaway for Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective!


^hope you like the cheesy visuals

Hello, folks who follow my blog (and newcomers!)

I come to y’all tonight jingly with excitement over a new cooperative company that I’ve been building with a couple of my dearest friends.  We’re called Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective, and we have some pretty huge plans for 2013, all centered around building the entrepreneurship of Women of Color and poor Trans* and queer women!  A couple of projects we’re starting include a Speaker’s Bureau as well as an arts and crafts collective to produce and sell items with our own Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective branding…. stay tuned here and at the LKSC website for more details soon 😀

To celebrate the important milestones we’ve already acheived (like getting our LLC and business license,) and to inspire our friends and family to share the news and donate, I’ve decided to do a massive art giveaway contest.  I’m super excited about it so I’ll go ahead and give you the details!

Here are the prizes available:

4th prize– one small original sketch on paper, winner’s choice

3rd prize- one large original drawing on paper, winner’s choice

2nd prize– one mixed-media painting on watercolor paper, winner’s choice

1st prize– mixed-media tryptich on wood that I’m working on right now!

To determine the winners I’m gonna be drawing names from a coffee can.  🙂   How do you get your name in the can? It’s super easy.  To get into the drawing you can:

  1. Make a donation to Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective! OR
  2. Share Lavender Kitchen Collective’s Facebook page!  OR
  3. Share the Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective’s website with your FB pals!  OR
  4. Share the Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective’s donate page with your FB pals!  OR
  5. Share this blog post (and be sure and tag me in it!) on Facebook to let everyone know about the contest! OR
  6. Link to Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective on your blog! OR
  7. Any combination thereof! If, for example, you both share the LKSC fb page and this note, I’ll put your name in the can twice.  Or if you share the LKSC website AND make a donation.  You get the picture (and if not, feel free to ask for clarification :)) There won’t be duplicate winners, but if you’re name’s in there more than once you have a better shot at winning a prize!

Anyone who shares and/or donates between now and midnight, January 3, 2012, will get their name in the can.  I’ll draw the winners on the afternoon of January 4th, 2013. LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR NAME ANNOUNCED ON THE INTERNETS!!! Otherwise, I’ll announce the winners either that night or the following morning here on the blog and on Facebook.

But wait! There’s more….

Super Big Bonus Grand Prize:

Since it’s about to be a new year, and I’m so excited about our new collective, I’ve decided that if this giveaway brings us over the $500 mark in donations, I’ll add another prize: a free portrait commission.  Yup.  If we hit that goal and you’re the big winner, I’ll make a special piece of art all for you, from scratch.  Wouldn’t that be awesome???


Ok, I’m gonna let y’all chew on that since I’ve already written half a book.  Do share with folks, we’re building something really powerful here and we need support to get the motor running!


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