Month: December 2015

4:20 A.M. NYE 2015

Up late because I stayed up so my gf could sleep (she works retail, had to go unload a truck at 4am) and then we had eggs and coffee and muffins.  I’ve been on a hiatus from work while my work is closed for holidays.  It’s second spring in December.  Things are strange.  Something’s in retrograde, I just KNOW it.  So of COURSE I’m thinking how my vacation’s more than halfway over, and I haven’t got my shit together and figured out my life yet, so everything’s on my mind all at once.

Here’s a foto of those muffins, taken by Rafi, my dear sweet friend.



Happy New Year!


what’s that clash song again…

Well it’s fairly obvious that I haven’t posted on this blog in over two years, and that things have been crumbly and strange for me.  Providing that the end of times doesn’t happen over the next couple of weeks due to environmental phenomena brought on by climate change, tho, my tentative (o so tentative) plan is to start reviving this thing, bit by bit (and add a bit of philosophy and photography to it. Tentatively.)

ALMOST FORGOT!! Now the world wide webadress will point to this blog. Just for your information.


So do be on the lookout for more things that I’ve made and more thoughts I’ve thought.  More dispatches soon to follow.  If all goes well.