learning to take pictures and such

I recently was gifted a nice entry-level dslr mainly with the idea that I’d learn to use it and take pictures of art and paintings and such, and I took a class to kinda learn the controls.  The last foto adventures I’ve been on, I’ve stepped out of the auto modes and been trying to learn about the aperture-shutterspeed-iso marriage (tho i still say marriage is a failed institution.)  I mean, I got a ways to go but I think I am slowly figuring it out.

This past Sunday we took a foto trip, first to Old Maplewood Cemetery here in Durham:








I had to jump outta the car and run around and take the shots quick, as there was an antsy dog in the car and she wasn’t allowed on a leash in the cemetery (she was not impressed with humanity’s rules, lemme tell ya.)


But then we went to the doggie park:








…and all was well. 🙂 I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a shaky hold at best on shit like control of depth of field but not bad for just my first weekend in full on manual, i think.


The next photographic bit of gear I want to get is a 50mm f1.8 prime lens.  IF anyone wants to get me one, gimme a holler and I’ll send you a link to my wishlist.


In other news, holidaze are over and it’s back to work.  Which means I need to go to sleep now.  Night!



One comment

  1. Jerris, the photos in the cemetery are amazing! You definitely captured emotion & beauty with your camera.

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