Month: March 2016

Book of

Tonight I messed with changing the look of my sketchbook using aluminum duck tape and stuff. I’ve done this before,  it’s a cheap easy way to make a standard sketchbook you got at Micheal’s or somewhere look more like something.



The foto ain’t the best but it’ll do.


This post is also a test post from my phone.  So.


Happy spring beginnings and all those things.  Time to rest before work tomorrow.


Spring Already. WTF

I got all excited about resurrecting this thing and then David Bowie died which was a big deal.

Everyone was sad about him dying.  Then all these people were mad because of reasons maybe I’ll write about later in more detail (bluntly put, statutory rape.) SO.

Depression is weird and weird things set it off.  What I’ll say about it here now is that I was very upset and depressed, even tho good things were happening in my life (as is the way of depression and living with the void) and I was at a standstill.  But lately I’ve gotten more fidgety about needing to make things so here I am trying.

I had some art in an art show recently but as usual the photos from it aren’t yet processed.  (soon)


At any rate here are some things from my sketchbook to hold a place in your memory until I do my next noteworthy thing or just decide to write here.