Mountain Witch Arts on Etsy now open :D

Well I spent a good hour fussing on it tonight and added all my latest stuff.

Mountain Witch Arts on ETSY is now a thing, check it out HERE!

I’m fidgety about a lot of stuff folks.  It took me forever to figure out how to do this, get the materials, the equipment, what have you.  LIKE YEARS I MEAN.  So I’m pretty stoked to announce/ share this more broadly.

Right now some original drawings and paintings are available, and I plan to add more of those as I get more of my art (the stuff that doesn’t fit in a scanner) photographed properly. I also am offering 8×10 glossy prints of everything right now, but I plan to expand that to add smaller, cheaper prints very soon (5×7 and 4×6 semi-gloss) as well as print packages and other merch.


Are you into weird kinda witchy stuff?  I got you.  Want a perfect gift for that hermit life-partner? Got you.  Want to support a queer, fat, Appalachian folk artist?  Got you like whoa. Come look, favorite, like, buy! Share with your friends (But seriously guys that thing I mentioned before about dental work? That shit was real real.)

I am more busy and interesting lately, so consider subscribing to this blog.

Here also is a link to my youtube channel  if you’d like to follow me there and watch me paint/ramble about stuff.

Love y’all, Happy Full Moon, blessed be.


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