Quick note about an idea? 

Just had a moment on the porch where I was thinking about deep things and I was thinking about the art opening I went to recently and how folk art has changed in particular ways esp since the arrival of the internet and I kept thinking about artists that I know and whose work I have been looking at and how there’s this broad kinda folk nouveau thing going on that consists of artists across all these different media who aren’t formally schooled and are self taught and just amazing and it put a smile on my haggard face for a few minutes.  

We might live in a capitalist hellscape but damn there are some really amazing people hanging out and making art and blowing my mind all the time.  That’s a reason to keep getting out of bed in the morning I reckon. 

Happy Sunday!  Sorry it’s a bit dead of late.  Life things ya know. 

Planning some Halloweenish/holiday updates/ sales in time for gifting.  Keep an eye out for me 🙂 

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