I am a self-taught, folk artist from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains (TN side.)  I’ve never had an art class.  I have had a remedial photography class, and I find myself more and more into picture taking. I paint, draw, and collage gender-nonconforming femmes  onto paper and/or  found plywood or otherwise-acquired wood pieces. I find myself with an increasing interest in the imagery of science fiction, space, tarot, and witchcraft.

Artistic influences include Southern US folk art, low-brow art, retablo-style painting, art that captures narrative, science fiction book covers, greek orthodox iconography, Hindu iconography, baroque art, digital robotic art, art nouveau, anime, manga- basically everything. Lately I’ve been really into looking at stuff by Caravaggio, Hokusai, Camille Rose Garcia, Brandi Milne, Aubrey Beardsley, ad infinitum.

I am very interested in discussions of cultural appropriation and erasure of the marginalized in the art world.

Regarding my personal identity, I’m a white, fat,  Appalachian, working-class, genderqueer, lesbian roustabout and an aspiring race traitor.  I know a lot of artists leave those details out of their art-bios, but it would be dishonest if I said that my personal identity and its interface with the wider world had no influence over the art I create or even my access to art supplies.

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