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I don’t know why I keep callin’ it that because it doesn’t really taste like turkey and the recipe I use doesn’t have any tofu in it- but we made one, and it was eaten and it was good. Also made 2 different kinds of cupcakes and they have also pretty much been eaten, then tonight we made vegan pizza (eaten.) That’s all been pretty fun. Also I did this the other day:

copyright 2011 Elaina Gibbs

That was inspired by one of Tam’s Youtubes. In fact, it was this one:

Right now I am drawing stuff, looking for work, cooking, hanging out, generally existing in Alcoa TN with my sweety and some friends and dogs and cats.

It’s also been awesome to hang with my sister. And niece. And mom. And nephew. And brother. I left the Maryville/Alcoa area in 2006, and it’s changed so much since then.

So for now, I leave you with some Old Crow Medicine show.


Oh Look!- Amy Sol

Thanks, Hi-Fructose,  for giving me Amy Sol‘s art to drool over. The stuff that’s my favorite is probably the 2009 works, this is the one in which big, beautiful, fictional creatures abound. I just can’t get over it, it’s too beautiful.

From Amy Sol's Blog

This links to Amy Sol's Blog- go check it out

Everything she paints makes me so happy yet is so melancholy. I love the mixture of those two emotions, frankly, even though it makes me cry (sometimes a lot.)

I will have some very exciting new news in the next few days… keep an eye open…

Happy Wednesday Night/ Thursday Mornin’ =-)

Oh, Look!- May Ann Licudine

I was hanging out, looking at Audrey Kawasaki’s blog when I happened upon the intarwebz home of May Ann Licudine.

Her art is so beautiful and small. And she also is this whiz at building stuff. She has a wonderful post on what it’s like to live with hearing and speech impairment.




Above is some album-cover art by Mall. Isn’t it breathtaking and grand! It makes me want to learn to draw buildings and elephants (and ferris wheels.)

I love it when  I find an artist who’s work hits my art-spot. 😀

Hope that everyone is having a great Monday night.