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I made a video

It’s easy to feel so very irrelevant given that the white people of the USA just elected the literal worst person available to lead us into oblivion and shit is getting worse everyday for just about everyone ever, unless you’re an uber-rich oligarch or an heir thereof; nonetheless, I did manage to put together a short speed art video this week so here it is.


Hopefully you enjoy and I’ll come up with something more pithy and insightful to say about things next time.

I still have a 15% off thing going on my etsy (coupon code EARLYYULE2016).   Self promotion hasn’t been something I’ve been much into oh, for the entirety of my life, but even less so lately given that we live in a caldera full of putrid racist shit and bile. Anyways.


Love y’all and hope you’re holding it down out there. See you soon.


Samhain Tidings and Videos and things!

I managed to squeeze a thing out of my consciousness in time for Samhain.  Just a little tiny thing.  So smol. But it’s a drawing and I like it and I managed to record myself making it. Without further ado:



Here is a close-up of the thing:




Would you like to own the original drawing?  Click here, it can be yours. 🙂 

Prefer a print? We can arrange that as well.

I kept recording and ditching narrative for the video.  And then I tried explaining the narrative in the description box thing on youtube but it kept saying I was adding brackets and any number of things and wouldn’t let me add my commentary, which was pretty simple but now I’m spiteful about it.  Go and look up “The Green Ribbon” if you’re interested.  It’s one of my favorite little scary tales bc I feel like it’s a story that’s more complicated than it seems.  AND heads rolling around. BC Halloween.


And with that, I’m done working for the evening! Hail the dark Goddess, say hello to the shadows, jump into a pile of leaves, and blessed be. ❤ ❤


… you realize it’s finally October but as a matter of fact, it is already about halfway-thru October.


Well then.


I looked at the calendar today and it hit me.  I had alone time set up, I went to pull out my pens and set up my camera and then… I broke my fucking tripod.  Like literally broke it.  Like hulk broke it.  Like the screw that was holding the thing to the thing completely broke off.  So now I have to figure out something else.

Jeez the past couple of months have been rough and dry like granite sandpaper when it comes to producing anything.  I think this has mostly to do with work exhaustion (and the neverending springtime that global warming has brought us… terrible for earth, good for ice cream business. Heh.) and social anxiety and my ever-present general malaise. But if you’ve followed me for any time you know it’s feast or famine round these parts.

My desk is a royal mess.  I have artwork floating about town and don’t know when to pick it up.  Life is wild.  Everything is terrible.  There’s a presidential election.  I want this year to end.

I DID manage to register to vote.  And I reckon I’m gonna vote.  And I’m gonna complain SO SO MUCH.  (Mind you. I don’t believe that folks who don’t or can’t vote can’t complain.  But I’m riding that fucking ticket, yes siree bob.)


SO here are some of my goals for the next little bit:


-produce/film SOMETHING of ink for fucking Inktober which I had the goal of fully doing but haven’t done shit for bc I suck at life

-Freshen up my altar for Samhain

-Take a god damn vacation

-visit Tennessee

-update my tarot blog (which I would link to but it’s so sparse. fuck it it’s if you’re curious.)

-Send that shit to those people in Canada that I was supposed to send like literally years ago before my life melted into a lava pit of weirdness. For the love of sweet bb Jesus.  Just put that shit in the mail.


Ok that’s enough goals.  Also I got a car. Life isn’t terrible, my mental health and physical shit are.  But I’m trying to steadily plow gayly forward.  For now I need to go to the co-op in my pj’s and buy milk.

Love y’all, see ya soon.  ❤

The Earth is On Fire, I’m a Hermit, Here’s a Drawing.

Greetings and permutations.

I’ll post the drawing stuff first, because that’s the pretty-shiny thing.


First, a collage of the process:


As you can see, I’ve done my first little illustration tarot card thing. Here’s an animation, because I like them/think they’re cute:


Here’s a nifty hi-res image of the finished product.  THO this is not the final scan.  I plan on cutting this out of the art paper and probably mounting it to a board or something, or gluing some kind of backing to it to make it into something more sturdy.  Idk BUTTTT I am planning on listing it in my etsy store as soon as I have a more manageable scan (the dark edges made getting a clean scan difficult because of the shape of the image, blah blah I’m still working on it. ) Also I’m not sure that this is actually the *final* design? It’s definitely the direction I want to go in but I might do a larger version.  Still idk.  I like how rough it looks but it’s a bit asymmetrical so .

Anyways here it is:


Touching on the other above listed points:

  1. That of the Earth being on fire:  I mean, I can’t speak for much more than the region that I live in, which is the southeastern United States, but it’s hot as fuck. Hot as gross sweaty balls.  Hot beyond.  And so work has been busy. And there’s so much pain, there’s been so much pain and anguish all summer long, socially and culturally and just even physically and materially in my own life.   And so I have been exhausted by the heat and by the work and the pains and by social anxiety.  Which brings me to my next point.
  2. On being a hermit: (I’ll probably touch more on my interpretation of the Hermit Tarot figure in a post on a different blog but) I mean it basically is what it is. I like to be alone, I like to be at home in my cave where my comforts and my creatures dwell.  I like to think and read and do intellectual exercises and make things of my own accord/volition.  I partly feel this way because, no shit Sherlock, social anxiety/agoraphobia????ish? I’ve not got a formal dx of that and my own anxiety has more to do with crowds and I know that’s a thing with it’s own name but it eludes me and honestly I can spend months going nowhere but to my job and my house. And it doesn’t feel very right or healthy all the time.   But also I’m alienated due to sexuality, social class, and size, and I find that in groups I have to scream to be heard and I was into that for a number of years and now I seem to have a permanent laryngitis and so.  Hermit life it is.

SO! That’s my end-of-summer (DEAR FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING CRISPY CHRIST PLEASE LET IT BE OVER SOON) update.  Love y’all and hope you’re well!  Still promise to one day have more coherent thoughts on relevant things but till then you’re stuck with the art and the navel-lint.  Happy Sunday night 😀


P.S. ALSO some of my art got accepted into a local show (two of the pieces I have featured in speedpainting videos!!!) and I’ll be posting like super soon about that.

Finished Another Painting.

Second one in a month. I am BLAZING I tell ya what.


Here’s a google-collage thing I made that shows the painting’s process:


I started with a sketch, as usual.  This sketch was on watercolor paper.  I tend to do a fairly in depth pencil sketch and then just incorporate the lead into everything else.  I usually work with colored pencil as an “underpainting”-ish thing and then go with a bunch of layers of thin coats of paint to build up the face and all the areas where I have painted acrylic.  The red, tho, is one of those water-soluble markers that I used to color the entire background, then went over it with varnish.  It’s very vibrant.   Lots of glitter and all that.


Here’s a .gif of the process, tho it’s not v detailed:


Here’s a nifty hi-res scan of the finished thing:



Jerris Gibbs Copyright 2016. Steal my art, I hex you. ❤

I’m trying to find a catchy name for this piece.  I believe it carries on the theme of androidness.

Hey did y’all know you can follow me here and also I’m on youtube?  I’m feeling squirrely lately, I reckon.

P.S. if you want to have this you can, for a price. Check it out. 

OR if you’d prefer, you can have a snazzy glossy print reproduction of it. Over here.

Happy Tuesday and all that.

Spring Already. WTF

I got all excited about resurrecting this thing and then David Bowie died which was a big deal.

Everyone was sad about him dying.  Then all these people were mad because of reasons maybe I’ll write about later in more detail (bluntly put, statutory rape.) SO.

Depression is weird and weird things set it off.  What I’ll say about it here now is that I was very upset and depressed, even tho good things were happening in my life (as is the way of depression and living with the void) and I was at a standstill.  But lately I’ve gotten more fidgety about needing to make things so here I am trying.

I had some art in an art show recently but as usual the photos from it aren’t yet processed.  (soon)


At any rate here are some things from my sketchbook to hold a place in your memory until I do my next noteworthy thing or just decide to write here.


Art Giveaway for Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective!


^hope you like the cheesy visuals

Hello, folks who follow my blog (and newcomers!)

I come to y’all tonight jingly with excitement over a new cooperative company that I’ve been building with a couple of my dearest friends.  We’re called Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective, and we have some pretty huge plans for 2013, all centered around building the entrepreneurship of Women of Color and poor Trans* and queer women!  A couple of projects we’re starting include a Speaker’s Bureau as well as an arts and crafts collective to produce and sell items with our own Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective branding…. stay tuned here and at the LKSC website for more details soon 😀

To celebrate the important milestones we’ve already acheived (like getting our LLC and business license,) and to inspire our friends and family to share the news and donate, I’ve decided to do a massive art giveaway contest.  I’m super excited about it so I’ll go ahead and give you the details!

Here are the prizes available:

4th prize– one small original sketch on paper, winner’s choice

3rd prize- one large original drawing on paper, winner’s choice

2nd prize– one mixed-media painting on watercolor paper, winner’s choice

1st prize– mixed-media tryptich on wood that I’m working on right now!

To determine the winners I’m gonna be drawing names from a coffee can.  🙂   How do you get your name in the can? It’s super easy.  To get into the drawing you can:

  1. Make a donation to Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective! OR
  2. Share Lavender Kitchen Collective’s Facebook page!  OR
  3. Share the Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective’s website with your FB pals!  OR
  4. Share the Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective’s donate page with your FB pals!  OR
  5. Share this blog post (and be sure and tag me in it!) on Facebook to let everyone know about the contest! OR
  6. Link to Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective on your blog! OR
  7. Any combination thereof! If, for example, you both share the LKSC fb page and this note, I’ll put your name in the can twice.  Or if you share the LKSC website AND make a donation.  You get the picture (and if not, feel free to ask for clarification :)) There won’t be duplicate winners, but if you’re name’s in there more than once you have a better shot at winning a prize!

Anyone who shares and/or donates between now and midnight, January 3, 2012, will get their name in the can.  I’ll draw the winners on the afternoon of January 4th, 2013. LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR NAME ANNOUNCED ON THE INTERNETS!!! Otherwise, I’ll announce the winners either that night or the following morning here on the blog and on Facebook.

But wait! There’s more….

Super Big Bonus Grand Prize:

Since it’s about to be a new year, and I’m so excited about our new collective, I’ve decided that if this giveaway brings us over the $500 mark in donations, I’ll add another prize: a free portrait commission.  Yup.  If we hit that goal and you’re the big winner, I’ll make a special piece of art all for you, from scratch.  Wouldn’t that be awesome???


Ok, I’m gonna let y’all chew on that since I’ve already written half a book.  Do share with folks, we’re building something really powerful here and we need support to get the motor running!

Some Small New Things, Big News Later

Hi there everyone!  Just wanted to share a couple of new little baby things I been doing lately.


I’ll just do pics first, then talk.  Some lil’ ACEO‘s:

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs


Here’s the 4 of ’em all together:

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

And here are some sketch-studies I’ve been working on (a ver si mis panas saben quien es:)



Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs

Copyright 2012 Jerris Elaina Gibbs


These are rough but as I said, they’re studies.  I’m working on a more complex piece that I plan to send to a friend.


As I mentioned in the title of this post there is some big news coming up later this afternoon.  In celebration of this big news, I’m gonna be giving away some art.  Keep yer rabbit ears on so you can get in on it!  All the stuff in this post is gonna be given away for free, as well as some other originals.

This past December has been a real hum-dinger on the personal front.  Aside from the negative stuff that happened (robbery, sickness, etc.) in the beginning of the month, I’ve been having an unending flow of those weird coming-of-age revelatory philosophical moments that I reckon are just part of becoming a middle aged person but are still a heavy trip, nonetheless.

These sorts of intellectual/material growing pains are necessary to lead one’s “soul” (for lack of a better word) into new territory, though, and they’ve led to a very original and exciting collaborative effort that I’m taking on with some friends of mine.  I’ll tell you more about it this afternoon, when I tell you how to get the free art. 🙂 See ya then!





We Kinda Had the Week From Hell, But It’s Improving

Hello everyone!  I’m just gonna run down the last week or so for y’all who’ve been looking for updates here:

-Submitted a proposal to a gallery

-Got mad sick

-Got robbed

-Sweetheart/partner got a rabid flu

-Friends helped out so now we have loaner computers to work with

-Worked on some art and hid from the world

-Revamped my art space

Thus my absence this past week from blog life.  It’s really creepy to have your home broken into.  I’m sad about my computer and my sweety’s computer being gone (along with my roomie’s WII).  I’m mainly sad about the pictures and writings that we had that are lost.   But I’m literally creeped out.  The robbery happened between 4AM and 7AM and I haven’t really been able to sleep between those hours for the last few days.

I’m glad that I have a lot of images of my art uploaded to wordpress!  But I am going to have to do re-scanning of lots of things also.

This is the life of a lumpen-class artist.  Now’s a good time to click on the donation button if you’re able to do so!  Also be on the lookout for new announcements here very soon.

I also mentioned that I revamped my workspace… I’m pretty excited about it as now I have room to spread out and a comfy chair to sit in and good light for painting and drawing.  My goal is to begin a youtube art series…. in my cleanings I found my little tripod, I just need a camera to stick on it (all my cameras have died over the past 3 months.  It’s a story for another post, I tell you.) again, a good reason to donate, if you can.  There’s a lot I want to do with video that I can’t right now because of my technological shortcomings, heh.  Anyways, I’m gonna post here the donate button:

Back to life it is!