Samhain Tidings and Videos and things!

I managed to squeeze a thing out of my consciousness in time for Samhain.  Just a little tiny thing.  So smol. But it’s a drawing and I like it and I managed to record myself making it. Without further ado:



Here is a close-up of the thing:




Would you like to own the original drawing?  Click here, it can be yours. 🙂 

Prefer a print? We can arrange that as well.

I kept recording and ditching narrative for the video.  And then I tried explaining the narrative in the description box thing on youtube but it kept saying I was adding brackets and any number of things and wouldn’t let me add my commentary, which was pretty simple but now I’m spiteful about it.  Go and look up “The Green Ribbon” if you’re interested.  It’s one of my favorite little scary tales bc I feel like it’s a story that’s more complicated than it seems.  AND heads rolling around. BC Halloween.


And with that, I’m done working for the evening! Hail the dark Goddess, say hello to the shadows, jump into a pile of leaves, and blessed be. ❤ ❤


Late Lammas Tidings, also a painting video!


So I’ve made a goal to do SOMETHING to honor the 8 standard holidays that mark the wheel of the year this year, to be more involved in my own spirituality, etc. and so forth.  When I realized that Lughnasadh/Lammas was coming up I decided to look into it, and low and behold I think I’ve decided it’s going to be a thing from this point forward in my life.

I’ve always really loved the part of the wheel-turning that marks the solid entrenchment of the fall, and since I now have a job that’s very involved during the summer, I appreciate that season even more.  And Lughnasadh as a kickoff to harvest season is just perfect.   So I created a painting that I’m not sure I will sell (but I might! Keep an eye out for updates if you’re interested!) to kind of work out my feelings on that holiday, and the painting has a little sigil in it and some symbolism and stuff.  I made a video of the process of the painting, which you can check out (don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube if you’re into it!)  It’s bigger than some of my most recent stuff has been and so I can’t fit it into my scanner to make prints.  I might come up with some limited-edition special thing for it, not sure.  Ideas?


I didn’t do a lot of ritual work, tho, because I’ve been having health issues that mean taking potent pain medicine and my brain is somewhat foggy and unfocused.  I’ve had to miss work, etc.  It’s been hard and tiring.  I’m coming into a phase where I feel a need for transformation, but I lack the financial means.  I’d be interested in feedback from folk who don’t have the luxury of financial support/being able to do their awesome hobby-that-should-be-their livelihood as a livelihood, or from youtubers/bloggers/etc other artsy people who do find it necessary to maintain a 9-5 so as to keep a roof over their heads.  A lot of people that I have followed over the years on youtube have mentioned having financial assistance from a spouse or having an already-established art career, I don’t hear enough about the nuts and bolts of being a working-class or a blue-collar artist.  I’m keen to hear from people with that type of experience! It’s felt very alienating and slow and like I’ve been swimming in molasses trying to pull the bits together just so that I can make a few art videos and put them out into the universe.

At any rate, the wheels keep turning, don’t they?

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