I been sitting on some things for a bit because it’s never the right time, and realizing that it’s literally Never. The right. Time.  I’ve decided that the days around the full moon are as good as any.

I made a video this week for facebook.  I don’t talk or show my face in it, I just have some beethoven going in the background (which is copyrighted ? but it’s beethoven? anyway.)


Here’s the video:

New painting for this week, I’m calling it “Full Moon in Soong” even tho the moon in it is technically waxing gibbous.  Because that’s how I am.  And I refuse to apologize for it.

Here’s the painting:




The thing I have been sitting on “official announcement”-wise is that I have an etsy shop now and things available for sale (art prints and original pieces.)  This piece isn’t up yet, but I am going to do a shop update tomorrow evening, and announce it here and across my socialmedia-scape.  Look out for it!  I have to pay for some dental work very soon!

If you want to browse in the meantime, here’s a link to my shop.  Enjoy! Buy stuff!

Here’s a link to this original piece, if you’d like to have it in exchange for dollars.

If you’re more into having a print, check this out.


Talk to y’all soon ❤ Happy Mooonday!

Finished Another Painting.

Second one in a month. I am BLAZING I tell ya what.


Here’s a google-collage thing I made that shows the painting’s process:


I started with a sketch, as usual.  This sketch was on watercolor paper.  I tend to do a fairly in depth pencil sketch and then just incorporate the lead into everything else.  I usually work with colored pencil as an “underpainting”-ish thing and then go with a bunch of layers of thin coats of paint to build up the face and all the areas where I have painted acrylic.  The red, tho, is one of those water-soluble markers that I used to color the entire background, then went over it with varnish.  It’s very vibrant.   Lots of glitter and all that.


Here’s a .gif of the process, tho it’s not v detailed:


Here’s a nifty hi-res scan of the finished thing:



Jerris Gibbs Copyright 2016. Steal my art, I hex you. ❤

I’m trying to find a catchy name for this piece.  I believe it carries on the theme of androidness.

Hey did y’all know you can follow me here and also I’m on youtube?  I’m feeling squirrely lately, I reckon.

P.S. if you want to have this you can, for a price. Check it out. 

OR if you’d prefer, you can have a snazzy glossy print reproduction of it. Over here.

Happy Tuesday and all that.


Today I’m being p chill and just working on a new piece,  a kinda companion to the piece I did in my YouTube video.  I’m enjoying working with that particular color palette.  

I haven’t made my announcement yet because the world keeps blowing up and it doesn’t seem appropriate. But if you look around this blog and my other new tarot blog over here you’ll figure it out.  I’m holding off with the confetti and newsfeed spammage for now outta respect for the dead.  The world’s on fire.   

But the art must go on,  and so it does.  
Talk to y’all again soon.  

Marking a Place

Well hi.  It’s been a minute, as usual.  I wanted to pop on in for a few minutes.


I been working on things.  It seems like for years now.  BUT.  I have a couple of things I plan to unveil/reveal/etc.  in the coming week.


I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before.  But do be a bunch of dear sweetie pies and keep your eyes and ears open in the next week!  I’m excited.  It’s one of those “ok good lord it took a damn while but some shit’s finally coming together” kinda things.


SO yeah!  News to come this weekend! See ya soon.

Book of

Tonight I messed with changing the look of my sketchbook using aluminum duck tape and stuff. I’ve done this before,  it’s a cheap easy way to make a standard sketchbook you got at Micheal’s or somewhere look more like something.



The foto ain’t the best but it’ll do.


This post is also a test post from my phone.  So.


Happy spring beginnings and all those things.  Time to rest before work tomorrow.

Spring Already. WTF

I got all excited about resurrecting this thing and then David Bowie died which was a big deal.

Everyone was sad about him dying.  Then all these people were mad because of reasons maybe I’ll write about later in more detail (bluntly put, statutory rape.) SO.

Depression is weird and weird things set it off.  What I’ll say about it here now is that I was very upset and depressed, even tho good things were happening in my life (as is the way of depression and living with the void) and I was at a standstill.  But lately I’ve gotten more fidgety about needing to make things so here I am trying.

I had some art in an art show recently but as usual the photos from it aren’t yet processed.  (soon)


At any rate here are some things from my sketchbook to hold a place in your memory until I do my next noteworthy thing or just decide to write here.


learning to take pictures and such

I recently was gifted a nice entry-level dslr mainly with the idea that I’d learn to use it and take pictures of art and paintings and such, and I took a class to kinda learn the controls.  The last foto adventures I’ve been on, I’ve stepped out of the auto modes and been trying to learn about the aperture-shutterspeed-iso marriage (tho i still say marriage is a failed institution.)  I mean, I got a ways to go but I think I am slowly figuring it out.

This past Sunday we took a foto trip, first to Old Maplewood Cemetery here in Durham:








I had to jump outta the car and run around and take the shots quick, as there was an antsy dog in the car and she wasn’t allowed on a leash in the cemetery (she was not impressed with humanity’s rules, lemme tell ya.)


But then we went to the doggie park:








…and all was well. 🙂 I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a shaky hold at best on shit like control of depth of field but not bad for just my first weekend in full on manual, i think.


The next photographic bit of gear I want to get is a 50mm f1.8 prime lens.  IF anyone wants to get me one, gimme a holler and I’ll send you a link to my wishlist.


In other news, holidaze are over and it’s back to work.  Which means I need to go to sleep now.  Night!


4:20 A.M. NYE 2015

Up late because I stayed up so my gf could sleep (she works retail, had to go unload a truck at 4am) and then we had eggs and coffee and muffins.  I’ve been on a hiatus from work while my work is closed for holidays.  It’s second spring in December.  Things are strange.  Something’s in retrograde, I just KNOW it.  So of COURSE I’m thinking how my vacation’s more than halfway over, and I haven’t got my shit together and figured out my life yet, so everything’s on my mind all at once.

Here’s a foto of those muffins, taken by Rafi, my dear sweet friend.



Happy New Year!

what’s that clash song again…

Well it’s fairly obvious that I haven’t posted on this blog in over two years, and that things have been crumbly and strange for me.  Providing that the end of times doesn’t happen over the next couple of weeks due to environmental phenomena brought on by climate change, tho, my tentative (o so tentative) plan is to start reviving this thing, bit by bit (and add a bit of philosophy and photography to it. Tentatively.)

ALMOST FORGOT!! Now the world wide webadress will point to this blog. Just for your information.


So do be on the lookout for more things that I’ve made and more thoughts I’ve thought.  More dispatches soon to follow.  If all goes well.