Durham North Carolina

6:20 pm and it’s dark outside (random update about a show I was in)

Is fall finally here?  Is it real?  I see that the sun is gone but will it be 80 degrees F tomorrow?  Who knows.  I think we need to get used to the fact that we have 2.5-3 seasons now that we’ve fracked the shit out of everything and done our best to kill the atmosphere. Anyway….

In other news, for the past month or so, two of my paintings (Full Moon in Soong and Soong-age Daydream) have been hanging up at the LGBTQ Center of Durham as part of a show titled “Questioning Ourselves:  Queer Identity in Art.”   Here’s a photo of my paintings hanging in the show:


It is really very grainy because I had to bump the ISO up very high due to the fact that the lights were off and there was a meeting going on which meant I couldn’t turn on the lights, lol.  BUT I always like to catch photos of my art hanging when I have the opportunity.  And I have a phone camera that I can use to take pictures in the dark. Pretty sweet.

Even better?  These paintings found a new forever home and I’m always very stoked when that happens!!!  I really appreciate the opportunity to show my work at the center.  So many nice folks there.

If you wanted to get your hands on these pieces and weren’t able to, never fear. Prints are still available in my Etsy store, Mountain Witch Arts.

And like usual, Samhain is just barely over but already I’m thinking about Yule hahaha.  Ready to put some delicious milk and children out for Krampus!  But no really. I have a few yule goodies/treats that I’m gonna be showing off soon.  I SWEAR! NO REALLY I ALREADY STARTED MAKING THEM OK.

Anyhoo, I’m back to wage-work tomorrow, but I’m feeling ok and I hope everyone is having a lovely dark Sunday evening.  Smooches!




Almost a Year Later… in Durham, NC

copyright 2012 Jerris Gibbs

copyright 2012 jerris gibbs


I honestly thought about scrapping this whole blog here and starting a new one or permanently going to tumblr or some other such ridiculousness and then I realized I could change all my settings here. Y’all might notice some differences- for example I’m using my first name now, and I’ve kinda changed my about me section and my email on here.  I’m slowly cleaning away the cobwebs, getting back into working order here.

The two pieces I’m showing off here are, of course, available- they are done on watercolor paper that’s been gessoed, collaged with bible pages, then painted over with acrylics, watercolor crayons, and scribbled on with ink and graphite.  I’ve been art journaling also, and recently did a portrait of a friend for her birthday which was done in this sort of style.

I’ve been in Durham for a couple of months now, looking for hourly work because poverty, trying to get back into a creative cycle, getting back into activism (also because poverty and also because fuck all this bullshit.)  The year’s gone by in a flash; I still kinda can’t believe I left TN again so soon.  I miss my mom and my sister and niece and nephew and even miss daily car rides with my brother on the way to work.  BUT I love this town and am gingerly putting down rootlets here.  More dispatches to come….