The Earth is On Fire, I’m a Hermit, Here’s a Drawing.

Greetings and permutations.

I’ll post the drawing stuff first, because that’s the pretty-shiny thing.


First, a collage of the process:


As you can see, I’ve done my first little illustration tarot card thing. Here’s an animation, because I like them/think they’re cute:


Here’s a nifty hi-res image of the finished product.  THO this is not the final scan.  I plan on cutting this out of the art paper and probably mounting it to a board or something, or gluing some kind of backing to it to make it into something more sturdy.  Idk BUTTTT I am planning on listing it in my etsy store as soon as I have a more manageable scan (the dark edges made getting a clean scan difficult because of the shape of the image, blah blah I’m still working on it. ) Also I’m not sure that this is actually the *final* design? It’s definitely the direction I want to go in but I might do a larger version.  Still idk.  I like how rough it looks but it’s a bit asymmetrical so .

Anyways here it is:


Touching on the other above listed points:

  1. That of the Earth being on fire:  I mean, I can’t speak for much more than the region that I live in, which is the southeastern United States, but it’s hot as fuck. Hot as gross sweaty balls.  Hot beyond.  And so work has been busy. And there’s so much pain, there’s been so much pain and anguish all summer long, socially and culturally and just even physically and materially in my own life.   And so I have been exhausted by the heat and by the work and the pains and by social anxiety.  Which brings me to my next point.
  2. On being a hermit: (I’ll probably touch more on my interpretation of the Hermit Tarot figure in a post on a different blog but) I mean it basically is what it is. I like to be alone, I like to be at home in my cave where my comforts and my creatures dwell.  I like to think and read and do intellectual exercises and make things of my own accord/volition.  I partly feel this way because, no shit Sherlock, social anxiety/agoraphobia????ish? I’ve not got a formal dx of that and my own anxiety has more to do with crowds and I know that’s a thing with it’s own name but it eludes me and honestly I can spend months going nowhere but to my job and my house. And it doesn’t feel very right or healthy all the time.   But also I’m alienated due to sexuality, social class, and size, and I find that in groups I have to scream to be heard and I was into that for a number of years and now I seem to have a permanent laryngitis and so.  Hermit life it is.

SO! That’s my end-of-summer (DEAR FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING CRISPY CHRIST PLEASE LET IT BE OVER SOON) update.  Love y’all and hope you’re well!  Still promise to one day have more coherent thoughts on relevant things but till then you’re stuck with the art and the navel-lint.  Happy Sunday night 😀


P.S. ALSO some of my art got accepted into a local show (two of the pieces I have featured in speedpainting videos!!!) and I’ll be posting like super soon about that.


Friday, October 18th: Haunted Moon (my first solo show!!!)

Hey there everyone from the spottiest artist blogger on the planet!!!

So why all the exclamation points? Well…. In about 4 days, I have my first solo art show. That’s why. Squeeeek!!!

The show’s called “Haunted Moon” (because it happens to fall on October’s full moon.) It’s happening at the Scrap Exchange‘s Green Gallery in Durham, NC. Here’s a link to the writeup about the show on the gallery’s site.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the pieces in the show:

ghostThe theme is a bit of a Haunted Appalachia thing from the pov of a suburban Appalachianite. This is only a tidbit tho… I’ve done some whole new stuff for this show, am throwing in a teensy bit of the old… it’s gonna be awesome! I just finished a tarot-themed piece tonight, the last one of 7 for this show.  It’s the tarot card I want a tattoo of (hint, hint…)

Doing the art for this show has helped me be able to find my real place as a witch and maintain an atheism that I’m agreeable to.  It’s been cathartic.  It does tell a bit of a story but it’s one I’d never tell out loud to strangers and I prefer the viewer come away with their own sort of translation of it anyways. 🙂 I plan to post pics of the opening provided I can get hold of a decent camera for the night.  I’m so excited!

My hope is to be more public in general after this shindig.  We’ll see.  Hopefully I’ll be seeing more of y’all in the months to come than I have been.

❤ Can’t wait to see y’all at the show!